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Phosphorus pentoxide
Polyphosphoric acid
Polyphosphoric acid(340kg plastic drum)

Product name: Polyphosphoric acid (PPA).

Representative Formula: H6P4O13

Molecular Weight: 337.93

IMDG classification and number: GB8.1, 815052. Former rail regulation: Second-level Inorganic acid corrosive goods, 93007

Uses: Cyclizing agent and acylating agent in organic synthesis, analytical reagent, is a substitute of orthophosphoric acid.

Physical and chemical properties: Colorless transparent viscous liquid, is easy to deliquescence.

Storage and transportation: corrosive goods. Packing method: (Ⅲ) class. Plastic bucket or glass bottle, the external package is wooden box, lined with non-combustible materials. Storage and transportation: Stored in a dry & cool place. No mixed with alkaline substances, toxic matter and corrosive goods. The operator must wear acidproof protective equipment .

Shelf period: May to September can be stored for 60 days;October to April can be stored for 90 days.

Specifications and quality Index:

Item Index
Food Grade Industrial Grade
Assay ≥117% ≥115-116%
Assay (P2O5) % ≥85% ≥83-84%
Chloride ≤0.001 ≤0.001
Sulfate radical 0.002 0.01
Viscosity (Pa.s) 35000 35000
Chroma (Hazen) 20 50
Heavy Metals (Pb) % ≤0.001 ≤0.01
Fe % ≤0.0050 ≤0.01
As % ≤0.0025 ≤0.01

Packing: Package weight (Net weight) (or following your demands)

Industrial Grade: 40-340Kg plastic drum

Food Grade: 1Kg, 2Kg Plastic bottle

Export Grade: 20L-1000L plastic drum

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